Edge Classic Stand Mount


Our S Line series pole mounts are designed to look excellent in a commercial, retail, hospitality, and many more environments and also hold up to heavy usage.

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PadHoldr Edge Series Classic Holder

The Edge Series is our most popular series of holders for personal use. These non-locking holders allow for quick installation and removal of the tablet in a home, personal vehicle, or any environment that doesn't require the tablet be constantly secured. The Edge Classic is designed to accommodate tablets with 9" to 10" screens. The unique U-shaped design allows access to controls, cameras, and ports as well as access to items behind the holder when no tablet is installed.


Quick Removal

The U-shaped design allows for quick installation and removal of your tablet. Interchangeable tensioners keep your tablet snugly fit in the holder.

PadHoldr Edge Classic Holder Quick Removal
PadHoldr Edge Classic Felt Lining

Felt Lining

The interior of our holders are lined with a felt-like flocking that allows your tablet to easily, and safely, slide in and out of the holder.

Universal AMPS Mounting Pattern

We use industry standard mounting configurations with our holders, including the AMPS mounting patterns.

PadHoldr Edge Classic Holder Mounting Solutions
PadHoldr Edge Classic Holder Works With Most Cases

Works With Most Cases

Through the use of spacers and adjustable tensioners, this holder is able to accommodate a wide range of tablets with, or without, cases installed. Check the specifications below to see if your holder and case combo will fit.


Compatibility Size & Material
Device Minimum Length 9.25" (235mm) Product Length 11.625" (295.3mm)
Device Maximum Length 10.75" (273.1mm) Product Height 6" (228.6mm)
Device Minimum Width None Product Weight 0.6 pounds
Device Maximum Width None
Product Material
Heavy-Duty Acrylic
Adobe PDF Download Assembly Instructions

PadHoldr S-Line 45° Pole Mount

Our S Line series pole mounts are designed to look excellent in a commercial, retail, hospitality, and many more environments and also hold up to heavy usage. Our pole mounts are manufactured out of a high grade steel then powder coated the color of your choice. You can mount the pole to any flat surface whether that be on a table top or on a wall.


Works with Most Tablet Holders

The S line pole mount was designed to match up with our S line tablet holders, however with the optional adapter plate you can bolt the pole mount to any holder that has an AMPS or VESA mounting pattern. Our entire holder line will bolt to the pole mount easily and securely.

Multiple Ways to Mount

The Pole mount can be secured to a flat surface, or simply set on a table using our base plate. The pole mount can be used 3 different ways. The first way to mount the pole mount is by using the included bolts that bolt through the bottom of a surface and into the pole mount. Using the below surface mount it allows you to have a very clean look with no mounting hardware seen. Another mounting option is our above surface mount. The above surface mount allows you to bolt the pole to any flat surface securely and easily. The last way to use the pole mount is by using our base plate. The base plate is manufactured out of heavy duty steel then powder coated.

Swivel and Rotating options

Your tablet holder can work in either landscape or portrait mode while mounted to the pole , however if you want the option to switch back and forth from orientation choose our swivel mount. The swivel mount allows you to easily rotate from landscape to portrait without getting your wiring twisted inside the pole. Another nice feature we offer is the 270 degree pivot option. If you have the pole mounted to an area where you need to allow another person to view the tablet you can spin the tablet 270 degrees without getting your wiring tangled up.

Cable Management

Each floor stand is built with wiring in mind. You can run power wires, USB cables, ethernet cables and more through the middle of the pole and out the bottom or the back of the base plate. You can also run your cables through the middle of both the swivel and rotate mounts and into the holder.


Weight & Dimensions
Product Circumfrence 5.11" (13cm)
Product Diameter 1.57" (4cm)
Product Height 7.87" (20cm)
Product Weight 8.65oz (245.22g)