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Vehicle Specific Dash Mounts

If you're looking to mount your holder to your car or truck's dash then our Vehicle Specific Dash Mounts are what you need. We have a custom mount for nearly every make and model. They are very easy to install and require absolutely no drilling or any destruction of your vehicle.
↓ Build Your Kit

Vehicle Dash Mount Kits

Build your custom dash mount kit in three easy steps.

1. Find Your Bracket

Select your vehicles Make and Year to narrow down the list of mount brackets. Select the bracket that matches your vehicle.

2. Pick an Attachment

There are several attachments that come with a bracket. The Universal Mount in 6, 9, and 12-inch lengths, and the Swivel Base.

3. Choose a Holder

Once you’ve found your bracket, chosen an attachment, and added the selection to your cart-- Head over to our Tablet Holders and find the right one for your tablet and needs.

Select Vehicle Make

Select Vehicle Year

Find Your Mount

New! Universal Dash Mount

Is your make and model not listed? Don't know which model to choose?
Check out our new Universal Dash Mount.

Choose the make of your vehicle, then choose a year to narrow your search even further. If you can't find what you're looking for Contact Us, or start a Live Chat, we can help.

Model Year(s) Part Num View
500 (W/SingleCD&Nav) 06-07 751072411.717-06SF View Mount
500 (Without 1-CD or Nav) 05-07 751072205.717-06SF View Mount
AeroStar 92-97 75107-192.717-06SF View Mount
Aspire 95 75107-995.717-06SF View Mount
Bronco-Full size 92-96 75107-393.717-06SF View Mount
Club Wagon 92-96 751071295.717-06SF View Mount
Club Wagon 97-99 751071297.717-06SF View Mount
Contour 95-00 75107-895.717-06SF View Mount
Crown Victoria 92-94 75125-194.717-06SF View Mount
Crown Victoria 95-11 75125-195.717-06SF View Mount
E-150 01-08 751071201.717-06SF View Mount
E-150 92-96 751071295.717-06SF View Mount
E-150 97-00 751071297.717-06SF View Mount
E-250 01-08 751071201.717-06SF View Mount
E-250 92-96 751071295.717-06SF View Mount
E-250 97-00 751071297.717-06SF View Mount
E-350 01-08 751071201.717-06SF View Mount
E-350 92-96 751071295.717-06SF View Mount
E-350 97-00 751071297.717-06SF View Mount
E-450 01-08 751071201.717-06SF View Mount
E-Series Van 09-14 751072411.717-06SF View Mount
Econoline 97-00 751071297.717-06SF View Mount
Edge 07-10 751371307.717-06SF View Mount
Edge 11-14 751072811.717-06SF View Mount
Escape 05-07 751071705.717-06SF View Mount
Escape 08-12 751371307.717-06SF View Mount
Escape - AT 01-04 751071701.717-06SF View Mount
Escort 95-96 751071195.717-06SF View Mount
Excursion 00-05 75107-398.717-06SF View Mount
Excursion 00-06 751072399.717-06SF View Mount
Expedition 03-06 751071803.717-06SF View Mount
Expedition 07-10 75107-307.717-06SF View Mount
Expedition 07-14 751072411.717-06SF View Mount
Expedition - w/ACC w/oGPS 97-02 75107-399.717-06SF View Mount
Expedition - w/o ACC 97-02 75107-397.717-06SF View Mount
Explorer 02-05 75107-202.717-06SF View Mount
Explorer 11-16 75107-211.717-06SF View Mount
Explorer 90-94 75107-292.717-06SF View Mount
Explorer (w or w/o Nav) 06-10 75107-206.717-06SF View Mount
Explorer - 2Dr Sport w/o ACC 01-03 75107-295.717-06SF View Mount
Explorer - Sport Trac w/o ACC 01-05 75107-295.717-06SF View Mount
Explorer - w/ACC 95-01 751071495.717-06SF View Mount
Explorer - w/o ACC 95-01 75107-295.717-06SF View Mount
Explorer Sport Trac 07-10 75107-206.717-06SF View Mount
F - Series Pickup 92-96 75107-393.717-06SF View Mount
F-150 04-08 75107-307.717-06SF View Mount
F-150 (Lower Mount) 09-12 75107-311.717-06SF View Mount
F-150 (w or w/o Nav) 09-12 75107-309.717-06SF View Mount
F-150 (w/ small screen display) 13-14 75107-313.717-06SF View Mount
F-150 Heritage - AT w/o ACC 2004 75107-397.717-06SF View Mount