Best Desk Ever!!!!!!

I'm not sure if my boss will approve the P.O for this but I think it's worth a shot, after all who can say the have a Telsa as a desk.When it comes to having the sickest office setup ever, it’s hard to stump the guy with the flat screen TV mounted onto his cubicle. You’re going to have to reach out a little farther to get something no one’s ever seen.

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Almost There!!

Apples media event is almost within sight. There have been lots speculations about all the awesome electronics we can get our minds on. I for one will be awaiting all the new revolving around Apple and the new iPads and iPhones. But here at Padholdr we are waiting for the official specifications for the new line up from Apple, so we can get our new products ready to hold your newest tech toy.

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Premium tablet and ipad holders

If you are looking for a holder or mount for your iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini or Galaxy Tab you have came to the right spot. Padholdr was established in 2010 with the intention of making high quality ipad and tablet mounts for auto home and commercial use. Padholdr manufactures tablet holders for most tablets in the industry. We are the leader in the industry for ipad holder for car, and tablet stands. We also offer a large selection of industrial iPad mounts. Read More.